Leadership Self-Check

To-do lists, reports, conference calls, meetings, emails, deadlines, customers, quotas!  Does this sound like your day?  This is the day-in and day-out for most people.  These are all important tasks to help you achieve results.  But what about the intangibles?  The intangibles are things like, work-environment, connections with people, the company’s mission, and your impact.

Let’s visualize!  Picture a river. The river and its shores, as a whole, are your company. Picture yourself on one shore of the river and your company’s goals on the opposite shore.  To get to the other side you will need to use your day-to-day tasks, that are like stepping stones, to cross the river.  Now picture the water that makes up the river.  The intangibles, the people, the connections, the environment, the impact, and the mission. These things are the water around the stepping stones.  Without the water, there would be no river.  So without the intangibles, there would be no company.  Without a river, there wouldn’t be a need for stepping stones.   So without having the intangibles, the things that make up your company, there wouldn’t be a need for tasks.   I think you get the point.

Copy of Check Yo' Self Before You Wreck Yo' River_

You need to make sure the river is there and thriving.  Don’t let yourself get inundated and bogged down by tasks!  As you visualized, tasks are important, but they don’t make companies thrive. So how can you make sure you’re cultivating a nice, clear, cool, flowing river?  One way is to look inward.  Yes, you heard it right….YOU. Look at your leadership style and check yo’self!

  1. Are you actively engaging yourself in a winning leadership mindset?
  2. Are you in-tune with how you’re leading?
  3. Are you putting dynamic leadership traits into action each day?

Staying grounded with what matters is something you should do every day.  So here are a few key areas you can self-check as a leader to keep your river from running dry.

  • Your foundation.  Check your core beliefs and values.
  • Your Communication. Check the way you listen and approach others.
  • Your Connections. Check your rapport building and empathy for others.
  • Your Actions.  Check the way you inspire others.

So what do you think?  After checking in with yourself in these four areas, are you in alignment with how you want and should be leading?  Being self-aware, knowing what you excel at, and knowing what you need to work on, is a great first step in being an engaged leader that inspires people and moves companies from one river shore to the other.

Be a lifetime learner!  Another way to sharpen your leadership skills is read great leadership books. Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t is a great book by Simon Sinek.  Check it out!

Are you ready to check yo’self?  Get a FREE 2-page Leadership Self-Check Checklist! 

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