InfoGraphic – Boost Recognition

So, what are some quick, easy and impactful ways to boost recognition in the workplace? 

  • Email shout outs. With emails being the main means of communication and with busy schedules, a simple yet thoughtful email to your employee praising their efforts will tap into their key motivator.  You can also send an email out to everyone on the team.  Not only will it create a buzz among peers but it also creates a drive for others to follow their lead.
  • Impromptu gatherings. Brief respites from the workday are always great and unexpected ones are even better. Take a moment to unexpectedly gather everyone around, have coffee, or even a snack and give out your ‘job well done’ for all to hear.  Those motivated by recognition will feel rewarded and the team’s spirits will be cheerful due to the positive vibes and unplanned break.
  • Drop a handwritten note. Don’t let the feeling of receiving a handwritten note or card become a lost art.  Receiving something handwritten can feel nostalgic and the effort of taking the time to write out your praise is invaluable.
  • Direct Praise. This is the simplest of them all.  When someone is motivated by recognition, ALL recognition counts towards filling their bucket.  A straightforward ‘great job’ and ‘thank you’, in person or over the phone will motivate them to keep up the good work.

Categories: Leadership, People-First

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