Employee Interaction & Engagement

What keeps you wanting to show up at work every day?  Of course, a paycheck to put food on the table is a big reason, but other than working to earn money, what else keeps you coming back?  Imagine for a moment a world where we worked but didn’t need to be paid.  Food, housing, healthcare, and materials goods were all given to us, free.  What would drive you to want to go to work every day?

Chances are at least one of the reasons listed above motivate you and likely resonate with your employees also.  So how can you tap into one of these key motivators with your employees, to get them pumped and excited to come to the workplace each day? Interaction and Engagement!

Interaction & Engagement

When you engage your employees and interact with them regularly, you will be more in tune with what motivates them and have a clearer picture of what brings them to work each day.  You also give them the opportunity to find or affirm why they enjoy their career by stimulating the workplace with activity and energy.

Each day you should interact with your employees in a genuine yet intentional way.

Here are some other advantages of employee interaction and engagement in the workplace:

  1. Daily interactions with your employees will improve relationships.  Show that taking an interest in and communicating with your employees is a priority for you as a leader.
  2. Improving your frequency and effectiveness in employee interactions will raise employee productivity and engagement.
  3. Non-task related interactions build morale and a happier workplace culture.
  4. Creating passion and commitment in the company will also help with employee retention.

All of these advantages will have a direct impact on how your employees feel about their workplace.  When you get past the money and past the tangible aspects of the job, you can make a big difference in your company by cultivating a workplace that cares about the personal growth and success of its people.

Quick Tips! How to interact and engage your employees:

  • Interactions must come from you. Not your assistant, not your secretary, not human resources.
  • Do not automate your interactions.  Make them genuine and in real-time.  Take the 15 minutes to engage personally.
  • Not all employees will take part and it’s okay. The morale of most will reverberate to many.

Want to improve your frequency and effectiveness in employee interactions and raise employee productivity and engagement?

If the answer is YES, then let The Workplace Word help you with a FREE 2018 employee engagement calendar.  This calendar will give you daily prompts for ways to interact and engage!  Click Here to Get Your FREE 2018 Employee Interaction & Engagement Calendar.

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