The Workplace Word

Let’s Get Real.

So, let’s get real for a moment. Let’s check-in with reality and lay it all out there.

First, The Workplace Word was created to help people grow, learn, and get inspired in the workplace and to help workplaces be a more exciting, happy place to go day-in and day-out. Why? Because I (Elizabeth Bower) believe workplaces should mean MORE to people than just a paycheck. I also truly believe, when you put people-first in the workplace, your company will thrive.

Now for the down and dirty.

I, like many people, wear many, many, many hats.  Balancing a family, house, career, and a passion which lead me to create The Workplace Word. With all these balls in the air, I am fitting things in here, writing content there, and making videos in between the plethora of tasks and activities.

The point. 

Wondering why I am sharing this? Because it’s real. I want The Workplace Word community to know there is a real person behind the mission with real passion and a real life that’s hectic, crazy, and busy. Someone with many hats, participating in the grind, and trying to make a difference in the world.

Know that I get it. I get the balancing act.  I get wanting to make every day count. I understand. I am walking (sometimes running) right there next to you.  And because I get it and because I am there, that is why I care, and that is why I’ve made it my mission to inspire people and workplaces.

Below is a live Facebook video with a view of what it’s like behind the scenes. It’s a Sunday afternoon. Fitting video recordings in between parenting and the Super Bowl.  It’s real life.  Making things happen, one task and one time-block at a time.

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