What makes people happy in the workplace?

What’s the NUMBER 1 thing that makes people happy in the workplace? Any guesses? If you’re thinking money. Nope. Maybe you’re thinking benefits. Nope. Perhaps it’s time off or flexibility. Nope and nope.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are all important. They carry significant weight when it comes to happiness in the workplace. But we’re not talking about the typical perks or motivators in the workplace. We’re talking about something a little more basic and raw. The answer is simple and SHOULD be one of the easiest things that can be done in the workplace. Ready for it…….

BEING HEARD! The number one thing that makes people happy in the workplace is being heard!

What does it mean when saying, “Being Heard”?

  • Inclusiveness
  • Being Noticed
  • Feeling empowered to share ideas.
  • Feeling valued and a part of the conversation.
  • Knowing when you speak, you’re being listened to.

In Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report they revealed just 4 in 10 employees strongly feel their employer or someone at work cares about them as a person. Also, only 1 in 3 workers in the U.S. strongly agree they received recognition in the past 7 days.

We can do better! Leaders, employees, workplaces…..we can do better!

People want to feel connected with, in life and in the workplace. It’s a basic human need. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, people NEED to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance and have a human desire to be valued by others.

One of the easiest to fulfill these basic needs in the workplace is to simply LISTEN. Listening to employees, validate them, and make them a part of the conversation.

Here are 3 tips to be the best at making people feel heard in the workplace:

Tip Number 1 –  Be present!

In order to listen you have to be listening. Be in the moment and focus when someone is communicating with you.

Tip Number 2 – Engage in the conversation.

You don’t have to agree nor do you have to do what someone says. You just simply have to engage and be a part of the conversation. Communicate. Converse.

Tip Number 3 – Be genuine and understanding.

The best listeners seek to understand. You want to be the best right? Try to truly seek to understand what someone is saying and where they’re coming from.

Let’s not forget about the other side of the coin.

What about BEING heard? How do YOU make sure you’re heard?

Here’s a Tip – Speak Up!

You can’t be heard if you don’t communicate. Being quiet helps no one. No one grows or gets to see a different (or new) perspective, if you don’t show up and contribute.

Another Tip  – Surround yourself with the right people!

Don’t set yourself up to marinate in toxic environments where you’re not valued or appreciated. Everyone has something special to contribute. So, surround yourself with people who’re open, want to learn from others, and people that welcome other’s contribution

So, if BEING HEARD is the number 1 thing that makes people happy in the workplace….then let’s make it happen!

Turn or ears on, be present and make the workplace mean MORE to people than JUST a paycheck.

Videos are fun! If you want to listen or see this blog post visit The Workplace Word’s YouTube Channel to see the video about the number one thing that makes people happy in the workplace.

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