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Find Out: Who is Elizabeth Bower?

From E to the B

Hi! Elizabeth Bower here. An ambivert (both extrovert & introvert) with tons of grit and soul for hard work and creating amazing things. I call Pennsylvania home, where I enjoy the love of my family, great moments with friends, and work with people across the U.S.

“You can do anything you put your mind to,” is something my father has said to me all my life. As a teenager, I thought it was cliché but I quickly discovered his wisdom amplified my work ethic and instilled grit. This grit and work ethic carried me through many amazing experiences where I’ve learned volumes of skills, earned qualifications, and acquired many intangible assets.

From C-130 crew chief in the U.S. military to Manager to Director of Operations to Licensed Designer, these experiences uncovered my gifts of leadership, developing processes, organization, and guiding others to be resourceful. I’m always seeking ways to make something more efficient and examining ways to simplify tasks for others.

I’m interested in a variety of things. Each, for the most part, unconnected but that’s where my true multi-passionate-self comes into play. I don’t believe you only have to do one thing or focus on one path.  There’re many things I want to explore and refine like: interior design and contract furniture, the psychology of leadership and employees, creating graphics & video content, writing and blogging, organization and process development, using my hands to fix and create things. It’s diverse, it’s numerous, it’s interesting, and it’s awesome.

Let’s get a little deep here.

Most of the time, I’m totally comfortable with being quiet, but I’ve learned comfort is overrated and being quiet helps no one. I’ve also discovered I’m most at peace when I give more than I get. I also aim to give without expectation and make a point to teach my children to do the same.

So, here’s the deal.

I don’t know everything but I do know I have a lot to share.  I want to share my experiences and what I know, from my point of view, while celebrating the expertise of others.  What I learn from others, I cherish.  My freedom to easily obtain knowledge and education, I remain extremely grateful for.

I take my work personally because I care.  I value family, faith, honesty, balance, autonomy, and beautiful things (like a clean house and organized computer files).

Peace, Love, and Green Tea Lattes – EB

Get to know me even better.  Check out this YouTube video: Who is Elizabeth Bower?

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