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Enter the ‘Workplace Wisdom’ GIVEAWAY:

The Workplace Word loves to GIVE!  Not only great content like productivity how-to’s, employee tips, leadership tricks, and fun videos but we also love giving awesome FREEBIES!  So to make the love of giving even better and fun, this week, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (and Elizabeth Bower’s birthday) The Workplace Word will be having a sweet GIVEAWAY.

Who loves winning free stuff? Are you raising your hand? 

This ‘Workplace Wisdom’ prize package is amazing!  The Workplace Word’s mission is to inspire people to make their workplace mean MORE to them than just a paycheck.  What better way to inspire people in the workplace than to give something to learn and grow from? This prize package includes:

Win this and you’ll be ready to get in the zone! Learn something new. Journal it out and drink some coffee (or tea) while you’re at it.

This GIVEAWAY is easy peasy.  Simply subscribe to The Workplace Word Blog using this link: Workplace Wisdom Giveaway

Also, The Workplace Word strongly believes that Sharing is Caring, which you can read more about here Promote Sharing is Caring in the Workplace, so please share a little Workplace Wisdom with your friends and colleagues by sharing this link Workplace Wisdom Giveaway or this Blog Post.


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