5 Tips to Effectively Communicate Company Initiatives with Your Employees

Many times throughout the year most companies email letters and memos to address updates and changes within their organization.  Keeping your employees informed and in the loop, is considered EVERYDAY BUSINESS.  However, companies should be aware that everyday business, at the top tier of the company, may not be the everyday business the rest of the company experiences.

Sometimes these memos or emails are peppered with buzzwords and vague concepts. Here are some examples of what we call “Exec. Speak”:

“Allocating resources with pivotal strategies.” 

“Ensure core initiatives are strategic.” 

“Facilitate the fulfillment of key initiatives.”

Receiving communications with sentences such as these can leave some of your employees scratching their heads, rolling their eyes, and feeling insignificant.  Not choosing your tone, words, and purpose wisely can create a ‘people in the high castle’ effect.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when sending out organizational news and updating your employees:

  1. Know your audience. Who is going to read this email update? What are the majority of the roles?  In any writing, you must consider your audience.
  2. Minimize buzzwords. Keep the ‘inner circle’ buzz words to a minimum.
  3. Stop assuming. Don’t assume the reader knows what you’re talking about. It’s easy to think everyone in the company is on the same page but in reality, most employees are busy fulfilling their roles. Most people, day to day, look at the trees, leaders look at the forest…. that’s why you’re the leader.   Take the time to explain parts of the correspondence.
  4. Connect the dots. Make the update relatable. How will this affect your employees now and in the future?  How does the update connect to the overall goals each employee is working towards every day?
  5. Repeat and remind. It’s okay to repeat and remind everyone about the goals and strategies of the company. Repetition will help your company’s values become instinctive and a part of every task.

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letters from castle.png

Categories: Leadership, People-First

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