Priorities: What processes should you be focusing on in your business?

Everything you do in a business should be with the end-game in mind…Closing sales and growing your business!

There’re many activities and tasks that need to be completed in order to reach the ‘end-game’. 

  1. Direct profit activities – such as creating proposals.
  2. Indirect profit activities – such as updating your blog and social media platforms. 

Both direct and indirect profit activities are equally important. They’ll both help get to the end-game AND they both need to be done.  Many activities, no matter how small, need to be focused on at some point, but understanding WHICH activities and WHICH processes need your attention can sometimes be the hard part. 

Focusing on the RIGHT processes will not only get the company from point A to point B quicker and more efficiently, but it’ll also afford more time to do the indirect profit activities. Making the company’s growth more robust and diverse. 

Having processes can:

  • Shorten sales funnels
  • Reduce revisions
  • Provide employee clarity and purpose
  • Afford more time to do other activities

Before taking the time to develop or re-develop processes for EVERY activity within the company, keep in mind not all processes are important. 

To help you narrow down which processes need attention: 

FIRST list the company’s priorities. THEN take the top three priorities and list what activities or tasks need to be done in order to fulfill or achieve those priorities.  Once you have each of your company’s priorities outlined with all the activities listed, ask the following questions for each activity:

  • Why does this activity matter?
  • How is this activity done currently?
  • How can this activity be done best?

Writing this out will give a snapshot of where the company is currently and keep you focused. 

Keep in mind, the most vital processes:

  • are used often
  • clearly influence costs
  • directly affect customers
  • inspire or cause company growth

Complete process overhauls aren’t always necessary.  Small improvements and adjustments can add up to large gains. Focus on the right processes!

Do some of your processes need re-vamped?  Do some of your day-to-day tasks not have a process? Are you not sure where to start?

Get a FREE 4 Page Process Priority Worksheets to help you answer these questions!

This worksheet will help you:

  • Narrow down your priorities.
  • Spotlight key activities.
  • Bring important processes into focus.

Love to hear from you! Please leave a comment!

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