10 Qualities of an Awesome Employee

Let’s be real. Some hires look great on paper and even pass interviews with flying colors. Then they start, they integrate, they do most things right….but something’s missing. They don’t have that spark or aren’t quite as ‘awesome’ as you’d have hoped.

Here are 10 qualities of an awesome employee.  Not all awesome employees will excel in ALL of these. Also, there’re many more qualities and behaviors (or soft skills) that round out an awesome employee. However, these 10 are The Workplace Word’s favorites.

1. Great at Communicating

Expressing concepts and relaying information in a passionate, persuasive, and articulate way.

2. Incredible Problem Solver

Seeking to resolve problems and discover new ways of doing things. Exploring new ideas and being curious.

3. Coachable & Constantly Learning

Open to new ideas and constructive criticism. Wanting to learn from others and excited know how you can grow. Taking the initiative to improve and learn more skills.

4. Stays Calm Under Pressure

Doing your best work even on tight deadlines. Coming through for the team and handling the stress that comes with deadlines, with ease and grace. Being resilient to failures and overcoming tough situations without letting it get to you.

5. Unshakable Work Ethic

Working hard and staying motivated until the job’s done. Being dedicated to the team and the job, no matter what.

6. Excellent with Time Management

Understanding your priorities and wisely executing tasks in an organized, focused way.

7. Genuinely Confident

Having the confidence to share ideas and inspires others to do the same. Believing in yourself and having the courage to ask questions and take risks.

8. Super Creative

Discovering new ways to do your job and completing tasks in an innovative way.

9. Understands Basic Business

Knowing more about the company as a whole. Seeking to understand the organization outside of your job description or role.

10. Adaptable, Flexible, and Okay with Change

Not resisting change, just to resist change. Willing to learn new skills to adapt to new ideas and goals. Being hopeful, or even a little excited, for new concepts and the unknown.

If you’re into videos, check out this blog post in video here.

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