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The Importance of an Online Social Presence

There are many ways to grow and learn as a leader and there are many topics to gain more knowledge and change your mindset. One great place to start your growth as a leader is your accessibility.  How easy are you to connect with?  How do people see you? How far are your reach and influence?

We’re not talking about just in your workplace.  We’re talking about today’s modern world of online/digital social interactions. Are you making yourself visible digitally? If someone looks you up on the internet or on a social platform can they find you? When someone finds you on the internet, are you allowing them to get a feel for your leadership vibe AND giving them a sense of you as a person?

If you find yourself, shaking your head no to any of these questions, or if your head isn’t moving at all because you’re not even sure.  Then you’re ready.  You’re ready for A Digital Social Presence Upgrade!

Why do you need a Digital social presence?

🎶‘Cause we are living in a digital world, And I am a digital……

My, my have times changed.  Remember when having an awesome business card was enough?  Or even having a simple, sparse LinkedIn page gave you a way to stay connected?  Gone are the days where people know nothing about you until they meet you at a networking event.  In today’s world, people want instant access to find out who you are, what your role is, and who you work for.  They want to get an idea of what you’re all about and get a feel for your personal brand instantly. Allowing people to connect with you in their own way and on their platform of choice, is a quick way to connect and inspire many people inside your circle of influence. It’ll also allow you to reach new circles, creating new pathways to meet new people and grow your circle of influence.

Now let’s not get it wrong, there’s nothing like face-to-face.  Shaking a hand, making eye contact, and physically feeling the vibes someone emits is really important and should be our goal, or end-game. However, until we can create the opportunity to meet that person or group of people, carving out a piece of the digital world is a must.  It’ll give you immediate interactions and connections so you don’t have to wait until the next event. It also opens doors to connect with people in other parts of the world. 

Also, adding to or updating the way you communicate and interact socially is important.  As mentioned above, we have face-to-face.  We also have the good ol’ telephone for verbal communications and texting.  Most of us use at least one social platform, such as LinkedIn or Facebook.  Each of these has become the minimum expectation for communicating socially.  But how do you go from the bare minimum to really grab a hold of your digital presence and upgrade how you engage and connect with people digitally?

Step One – Start with developing your personal brand!

Think about some of the past and present movers and shakers in the business world. They knew how to inspire people, they knew how to run a business, and they knew how to innovate.  They also knew a lot about how to be an effective leader.  Did you ever stop and think how you knew these things about these movers and shakers?  If you didn’t work for them or for their companies, how do you really know? They have a personal brand.

Brands aren’t just for companies. 

Do you have a personal brand?  If you are shaking your head no….stop….and start shaking your head yes. Believe it or not, you already have a personal brand. Your personal brand consists of the images you project, the messages you give, the statements you make and the things you publicly do and support.  Personal branding is how we’re seen in public and in the marketplace. 

You have already been branded by others, in your daily interactions, and within your current digital footprint. The great thing about personal brands is they’re ply-able and can be pushed in a certain direction.  Meaning you can set the tone for your personal brand.

Why you should care about your personal brand.

Now that you know what a personal brand is and that you already have one. Let’s discuss why you should develop and drive your own brand.

You’re probably thinking, “I’m already a leader. I don’t need to impress anyone or tailor my profiles to attract people.” Yes, that’s ONE reason why some people focus on their personal brand when they’re looking to attract people or offers.  But as mentioned above, people will give you a brand if you don’t form one for yourself.  So as a leader, you may not be looking to impress anyone, but you probably don’t want people to assume what you’re all about.  You can also influence and inspire people through your personal brand.  By developing your personal brand and upgrading your presence on the web, you will attract more people into your circle of influence.

 Reasons to care about your personal brand:

      • to show your leadership approach, style, and personality
      • to have a consistency with your own personal vision no matter what company you work for or what business you own.
      • to be more visible
      • to give you confidence and confirm your purpose
      • to increase your network and reach
      • to illustrate your successes and track record
      • to ensure you are taken seriously in your role and career

So are you ready? Ready to work on your personal brand? If so, The Workplace Word’s got your covered.  Check out this Step by Step Online Course to help you Develop Your Personal Brand & Grow Your Circle of Influence.

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