Don’t Overthink. Interact! FREE 2018 Calendar of Employee Engagement Ideas


Improve Your Employee Relationships

  • Daily interactions with your employees will improve relationships and show that taking an interest in and communicating with them is a priority for you as a leader.
  • Improve your frequency and effectiveness in employee interactions and raise employee productivity and engagement.

Happy Employees Are Good For Business. Be a Creative Leader! Be a Great Leader!

  • Show that leadership cares about having an engaged workplace culture.
  • Spend time with the people that make the company tick.
  • Boost morale.
  • Create connections and strengthen workplace relationships.
  • Stimulate conversations and embrace non-business communications.

This calendar will prompt you with ideas to interact with your employees daily.

What’s on the Calendar?

Some Examples:

  • Simple email communications.
  • National holiday celebration ideas.
  • Surveys, spotlights, and questions.
  • Gathering and meeting ideas.

The calendar is complete with:

  • Information on how to use the calendar.
  • Why you should use the calendar.

Sample Week

Click here to get an ENTIRE year of employee engagement ideas with this 2018 Employee Engagement & Interaction Calendar.

Check out this video to learn about the advantages of employee interaction and engagement in the workplace and to get some quick tips on how to interact and engage your employees.

Want to improve your frequency and effectiveness in employee interactions and raise employee productivity and engagement?

If the answer is YES, then let The Workplace Word help you with this FREE 2018 employee engagement calendar. This calendar will give you daily prompts for ways to interact and engage!

Click here to get your FREE 2018 Employee Interaction & Engagement Calendar.

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