Keep the Time, Keep the Peace

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein.

Time is important in modern day society. It organizes people and activities. We run on the same time concepts to keep structure and work efficiently together. Keeping time is a form of social order. It allows us to work together across the globe, like having a scheduled business meeting with someone in Europe or communicating a delivery date/time in transporting goods from Asia.

Without the structure of keeping time there would be a lot of confusion and chaos. No one would know who is expected where or what needs to happen when. To get a little taste of the chaos, one just needs to defy punctuality. When people are late for appointments it can set off a series of events that ruin the remainder of the day and affect others. The lack of punctuality can damage peace within social groups and communities. To keep the peace (at least with me) and to keep order, take time keeping seriously.

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