3Hello! I’m Elizabeth Bower, the creator of The Workplace Word. I help people make the most of their careers and inspire others to love where they work. 

What’s The Workplace Word all about?

Inspiring workplaces to be MORE than just a place to collect a paycheck! The Workplace Word is a community where you can uncover creative ways to be a more effective leader, be a more engaged proactive employee, discover ways to be more resourceful, and cultivate a people-first vibe in the workplace. You, your leadership style, and your company can be fun, can be inspiring, and can be a place where people WANT to show up to do epic, awesome, and amazing things. 

In The Workplace Word community, you’ll find tons of brain food that can be applied to many different industries. Follow our blog and social media profiles for valuable information covering many topics within a business, such as employee communications, process implementation, leadership tips, workplace tools how-to’s, and inspiring stories. 

If you’re saying yes to the following questions…..you’re in the right place!

  • Do you care about the place you spend 8 (probably more) hours each day?
  • Do you want to make a difference in your workplace?
  • Do you want new ways to do everyday tasks?
  • Do you want to liven up your workplace?
  • Do you want fresh perspectives and new ways to connect with people in the workplace?

My Why

I believe in a ‘people first’ workplace. I want to influence workplace cultures to be more genuine, happy, and exciting places to go every day, by giving people the tools to uncover creative ways to lead and by helping people to discover ways to be resourceful, learn, and grow in the workplace.

I'm an ambivert with tons of grit and souls for hard work (1)

My Vibe

  • People First.  Put people first. Happy employees equal happy customers. Happy colleagues equal a happy workplace. Happy customers and happy workplaces equal thriving businesses.
  • Be Real. Genuine people attract real business relationships. Elevator speeches and rehearsed pitches don’t allow people to figure out if they like you. People buy and work with people they like.
  • Learning is Growing. It’s okay to not have all the answers. Be a lifetime learner and not a know-it-all. Seek information, seek answers, and keep wanting to learn more.
  • Flawless is Fake. Mistakes happen, things don’t go as planned, and disappointment exists….and it’s okay. People are not perfect and that’s what makes life interesting and fun.