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Elizabeth Bower

Hello! I am the founder of The Workplace Word. My passion for helping people to be more creative leaders, to be more resourceful at work, and to cultivate a people-first mindset in the workplace, lead me to create this blog and community.

Failed Business

First, watch this video: Failed Business: A Reflection by Elizabeth Bower Here’s a story of a failed business.  To be more specific, it’s a story of one of MY failed business ideas.  This failure is a great example of how Simon Sinek’s golden circle truly taps into the […]

6 Ways to Be More Proactive

It’s easy to skate by, do the clock-in clock-out, and fulfill your job description. But walking with Mr. Bare Minimum down Easy Street isn’t going to make you happy in the long run. Without challenges, your career can quickly become just a ‘job’ and be a drag to […]

A ‘Sharing is Caring’ Workplace

Have you ever been in a situation where someone on your team was either let go or left the company and with them went tons of knowledge and information only THEY knew?  Some processes, how to’s, and valuable details were in that person’s brain.  And that brain has […]