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We are connected digitally through uninterrupted access to technology and inundated with constant cyber touch-points with our friends and family. If we are constantly in touch and still feel alone, why don’t we put down the digital relationships and pick up some real ones? It may be easier […]

People Before Politics

The United States’ detention camps for immigrants are not only a moral offense, they are a large step into the waters of a totalitarian state. According to the ICE website, they describe the detention centers as “safe, secure, and humane environments, and appropriate conditions of confinement” (US Immigration). […]

Keep the Time, Keep the Peace

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein. Time is important in modern day society. It organizes people and activities. We run on the same time concepts to keep structure and work efficiently together. Keeping time is a form of social […]

Social Capital

There is a buzz, a vibe, radiating from the United States. The great, free nation thought to be the land of opportunity, a place of optimism and fair democracy is buzzing but not necessarily in a positive way. There are many factors affecting the social capital of the […]

Cognitive Dissonance

Since the Confederate flag was created in 1861, there have been many social uprisings over what it symbolizes (Rockingham Community College). There is a plethora of information available about how and why the flag was created, when and why it was flown, and who brandished the cloth for […]

A Fable – Versions of Reality

Here’s a famous Indian fable about six blind men that come across different parts of an elephant.  Each creating their own version of the elephant from their perspective. Is what we perceive actually the reality of the situation? This fable is a great reminder to consider multiple perspectives […]