Leadership Self-Check Checklist

Use this checklist to actively engage yourself in a winning leadership mindset.  This digital checklist can be used weekly, monthly, or even daily to keep you centered and focused on being a great leader. Leadership Self-Check Pic

Resume Template

Your resume is your first impression. It’s what prospective employers read before they get to meet you or even speak to you on the phone. Making your resume stand out from the crowd is important. However, there are standard elements that should be on every resume. Looking to revamp your resume? Need a starting point or even a refresh? Download The Workplace Word’s FREE Resume Templatef65ecde4f5061ce1fccd389446d7c8aee98426e9

Leadership Journal Prompts

30 Days of Leadership Journaling Prompts. Start your day with 10-15 minutes of reflection. Focus on what matters and get aligned with a values-based leadership mindset.


Are You An Awesome Employee?

Are you an awesome employee? Find out with a self-evaluation. Take your workplace game to the next level. Get your FREE copy of the Am I an Awesome Employee Self-Evaluation.


Newsletter Template

Create a workplace culture that shares information and learns from one another. Make it an easy start, download a FREE newsletter template. This template is a PDF ready to fill out digitally. Just insert your newsletter title, description, date, issue #, and your tips.