What makes people happy in the workplace?

What’s the NUMBER 1 thing that makes people happy in the workplace? Any guesses? If you’re thinking money. Nope. Maybe you’re thinking benefits. Nope. Perhaps it’s time off or flexibility. Nope and nope. Now don’t get me wrong, these are all important. They carry significant weight when it comes […]

Find Out: Who is Elizabeth Bower?

From E to the B Hi! Elizabeth Bower here. An ambivert (both extrovert & introvert) with tons of grit and soul for hard work and creating amazing things. I call Pennsylvania home, where I enjoy the love of my family, great moments with friends, and work with people across the U.S. “You […]

Let’s Get Real.

So, let’s get real for a moment. Let’s check-in with reality and lay it all out there. First, The Workplace Word was created to help people grow, learn, and get inspired in the workplace and to help workplaces be a more exciting, happy place to go day-in and […]

Recognizing Recognition

Have you ever done something, at a past or current job, you were super proud of? You worked hard and it helped your company. Your coworkers and friends gave the good ol’ pat on the back. Even your family loved hearing about your job well done. It still […]

Leadership Self-Check

To-do lists, reports, conference calls, meetings, emails, deadlines, customers, quotas!  Does this sound like your day?  This is the day-in and day-out for most people.  These are all important tasks to help you achieve results.  But what about the intangibles?  The intangibles are things like, work-environment, connections with […]

A ‘Sharing is Caring’ Workplace

Have you ever been in a situation where someone on your team was either let go or left the company and with them went tons of knowledge and information only THEY knew?  Some processes, how to’s, and valuable details were in that person’s brain.  And that brain has […]